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Writers And Lovers
by Lily King

Ms. King's sharp, slightly smarmy, observations and the pacing kept the story moving. The main character, Casey, shared the stage with an equally interesting 'character'--the city of Cambridge MA itself. If you enjoy stories about trying to find your passions and loves, then this might be one for you.

Mrs Palfrey At The Claremont
by Elizabeth Taylor

This is a slow moving, slice-of-life story about aging and loss. Not an uplifting read for sure. Ms. Taylor does, however, do a good job of conveying the nuanced details mid-century Britains faced as they aged and families left them behind. You'll need to be in the mood for a depressing snapshot of life's last chapter to read this book. Not everyone's cup of tea.

The Book Tour
by Andi Watson

Good premise but it faded to nothing. Not worth the 200+ pages. Disappointing.

by Rachel Hawkins

A decent (if hastily wrapped up) end to the Hex Hall trilogy. It doesn’t disappoint, but doesn’t exactly “wow” either. The series is still quite enjoyable, though.

by Rachel Hawkins

Had a hard time putting this book down. A great, fast read, continuing Sofie’s story as she finds her place in her new paranormal world.

Hex Hall
by Rachel Hawkins

Fun read for those who like paranormal books. I couldn’t wait to see how the story unfolded, and it did not disappoint.

by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

A sweet 'first love' story. The art is as delicious as the bakery items it depicts. The creators even give you a recipe for the famous sourdough rolls of the fictional bakery along with a playlist of songs to accompany your read. For young people sorting out who they are and who they love, this is a progressive, thoughtful read. A beautiful alternative to the more typical heteronormative fare.

Plague Year
by Lawrence Wright

I love the work of Mr. Wright--he's like John McPhee in that he can take a complex story and make it accessible to a general audience. The challenge with this book was to find a 'stop point' for a story that continues on--Covid-19 and its impact on the globe. Much of this book has been excerpted in the New Yorker and other stories pulled from the NY Times and WA Post so lots of the information will be redundant for a reader of those publications. Nonetheless, it's a good initial compilation of the Covid-19 saga through December 2020.

A Princess In Theory
by Alyssa Cole

Cute love story!

Project Hail Mary
by Andy Weir

This science-fiction novel develops a surprise relationship between a human and another lifeform. The novel's chapters feature flashbacks that creatively help the reader assemble the puzzle pieces necessary to understand exactly what is happening in the plot. The cheeky humor was also appreciated.
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