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Book Reviews
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by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

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A sweet 'first love' story. The art is as delicious as the bakery items it depicts. The creators even give you a recipe for the famous sourdough rolls of the fictional bakery along with a playlist of songs to accompany your read. For young people sorting out who they are and who they love, this is a progressive, thoughtful read. A beautiful alternative to the more typical heteronormative fare.

The Healers Apprentice
by Melanie Dickerson

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This book is a perfect book for those who want some adventure and romance mixed together, it is perfect for girls and boys ages 14-16 it will take you through the main characters every emotion happiness sadness, pain, heartaches, and it will also show you the story from different points of view from the characters.

Project Hail Mary
by Andy Weir

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Very enjoyable! Highly imaginative, just like The Martian. But even more than that... just read it!

by Lauren Oliver

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Imagine a world where love is deemed a deadly disease and the only solution is "the cure".

Death Among ths Doilies
by Mollie Cox Bryan

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Good cozy mystery. Although the plot was a little weak, as I figured out the murderer quite soon.

The Survival Kit
by Donna Freitas

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I loved

Waste Of Space
by Gina Damico

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I really enjoyed how the dialogue was in script form. I would highly recommend it!

Super Host
by Kate Russo

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Strange structure, more like 2 short stories and a novella hooked together in the most tenuous way.

Ever After High Next Top Villain
by Suzanne Selfors

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Ever After High: Next Top Villain By Suzanne Selfors is a fantastic fantasy book and I recommend this book to people who enjoy rebelious fairytale storys.

My Dirty Dumb Eyes
by Lisa Hanawalt

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Bawdy, bold, and insightful--if all that's possible then Ms. Hanawalt has nailed it! If you like that mix in your graphic art, then give this book a read. It's the author's first book, but her voice will likely be familiar as she's been published in many news/mags before. Enjoy!

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